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WANTED: Landscape Architects

As a school community, we have made significant progress on the first step of revitalizing our school courtyard. In the fall, we tackled the removal of weeds and suckers from about half of the courtyard garden beds, which was no small feat. Further, we had contractors in to remove large tree stumps from these beds, as well as to prune our mature trees and shrubs.

Continuing to move forward, we are looking for experts within our school community who are able to help with the make-over process. If you have experience in landscape architecture or in garden design, please reach out to Katie McCurdy via e-mail at We are currently only seeking this specific skill set, for the development of a long-term plan for our courtyard which tends to the needs of our students, teachers & administrators.

If you do not have this skill set, rest assured that we will have many future opportunities for parents to volunteer in other capacities for this long-term initiative.

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