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Courtyard Revitalization


The School Courtyard is a resource that was originally established as a learning "safe space", and  includes foliage representative of all the eco zones in Alberta. This vision was fulfilled in 2010 and has had a lasting impact on our school.

As just over 10 years has passed, it is again time to visit this space and re-imagine how it can be used to enhance learning opportunities for our students.


Over the coming years, the courtyard will be undergoing a rejuvenation. Parent Council will be taking a phased and methodical approach, to ensure that meaningful and impactful changes are incorporated.

If you are a green thumb (or aspiring green thumb) out there who wants to help with the Courtyard, please contact council to get involved!

West Garden Beds

The first phase of the courtyard revitalization project involves the redesign of the garden beds located along the west side of the courtyard. This space encompasses five raised garden beds, which receive full sun. - And ideal location for a garden!

Through discussions with educators and administrators, it has been determined that these garden beds would provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop gardening skills and further their knowledge about ecosystems.


As such, these garden beds will be re-designed to include one garden bed dedicated to food and vegetable production, and four others to be designed as pollinator gardens.  This food garden bed will be designed with an underground wicking system, encouraging water conservation and plant health. While the remaining garden beds will incorporate drought tolerant perrenials hardy to the Calgary zone, with a focus on attracting pollinators to this space.

Get Involved!!!


Council needs you!

There are so many ways to get involved with the courtyard revitalization project. Contact Katie McCurdy to find out how you can help.

  • Removal of unwanted vegetation (e.g. suckers, rose bushes)

  • Routine weeding activities

  • Wicking bed design

  • Pollinator garden design

Current Asks


We are desperately needing volunteers to help us by spreading the 8yd3 of Premium Garden Soil generously DONATED by SiteOne. 

Check out the SignUp Genius. If these time slots don't work for you, please reach out to Katie at with a time that works for you. 

SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING - November 29 @ 6:30 pm (Join Here)

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