Fun Food!

Chinook Park School offers Fun Food to our families.  This is a significant and important fund raising initiative for the school that also gives students and parents a break from routine lunches and snacks. As an inclusive community we seek to ensure that financial assistance is available so all students can participate. 

​Want to participate? Register your student(s) on the Healthy Hunger website at by following the steps below. If you have any issues, questions or if you need financial assistance for these events, please contact the Coordinator at

1. Go to and complete the fields.

2. Click “Add Student” in orange on the upper left corner of the screen, and add your child, designating "chinook park" and grade. Each student will require separate registration. 
3. View all of the Up-Coming Fun Lunch dates.
4. Place your orders and make payment Online

5. Make note of the Fun Food days on your calendar so that you don’t pack additional lunch or snack items. 

Please note that you must re-register students each year for the Fun Food program. 

Other Info:

1. Receive an email reminder if you have not ordered for an up-coming lunch.
2. Receive automatic email notification when your School posts a new Fun Lunch.
3. Order for multiple children attending the same or different Schools.
4. Flexibility & Control. Order for 1 lunch, 2 lunches, or the entire year.
5. Cancel orders at any time before the 5 day Cut-Off
6. Quickly review your orders at anytime.
7. Cancel orders at anytime before the 5 day Cut-Off.
8. Free and Unlimited Tech Support from Healthy Hunger.