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Spring Fundraiser

Chinook Park! Welcome to our Purdy's Chocolate Spring Fundraiser!

Do something awesome (for yourself and us, too!)

Supporting our fundraising campaign for Chinook Park School by purchasing Purdy's Chocolates! Lots of selection, great gifting & holiday ideas too!

Ordering is as easy as eating chocolate. Just click this link, fill out your info (you will need an email address), click join campaign, and order via Marketplace! Happy Shopping!

What you need to know?

  • Order between now and March 25th!

  • Delivery Week of April 11th (in advance of Easter if you choose to order any eggs)

  • Place your order here -

  • 25% of Purdy's Sales go directly to Chinook Park Council.

  • What are we fundraising for? Purchase of new library books & other classroom support materials!

  • Who can order!? Share our shopping link with friends, family & your office (what a fun welcome back gift for staff, or plan an egg hunter for a team building activity!)

Questions? Contact Krysti Barker (

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