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WOW! We are so thankful to have received such a generous donation from SiteOne Landscape Supply. They have graciously provided us with 8yd3 of Premium Garden Soil to help us with the rejuvenation efforts of our beautiful inner courtyard!

We will be using this soil to assist with weed control in our five garden beds which lie along the west side of the courtyard. The first step was the removal of as much weed material as possible (roots and all), and thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers, this was accomplished! Thank you parents!

Now onto step two. With the help of students, we are going to layer the corrugated cardboard (donated by families in our school community) onto the cleared garden beds. On top of that, we will be spreading this fresh soil. The corrugated cardboard acts as a barrier against the sun. Without sunlight, weeds cannot grow. We know that this won't stop all of the weeds, but it should bring our weeding down to a more manageable level.

If you are able to help out with Step Two, please e-mail Katie at

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