Cheque Writing Campaign

We are raising funds to support all Chinook Park Students. 

The Cheque Writing Campaign is our most impactful fundraisers of the school year. 


Here are a handful of important examples that highlight how the funds raised benefit our students:

  • Artist in Residence (Improv)

  • Sports Programs (Soccer clinics, Inline skating )

  • Music Instruments & Supplies

  • STEM materials and sessions 

  • Classroom Support Materials 

  • Agenda's 

  • Library Books 


Every $dollar donated counts!

Thanks to Education Matters & ATB cares, your donation is amplified with a 20% donation match! Donate today!

Donate via ATB cares - here


Make Your Donation Go Further

ATB Cares makes it easy for all Albertans to support the causes they care about. In addition to your donation, ATB will match 20% of every dollar donated (up to $5,000 in matching per year)

Will I get a tax receipt for my donation? Yes, a charitable receipt will be sent to the email you provided during payment.

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SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING: September 28 (Join Virtually)