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Learn and Share | School Planning

We know we make better decisions to support student learning when we build understanding and work together. That’s why we’ll be sharing information about school planning and asking you to share your perspectives.

During this online engagement, you will have the opportunity to:

1. Learn About

  • School planning, which includes the school development plan, school budget and school fees

  • How the school development plan sets the overall focus and direction for a school to improve student learning outcomes

  • How the school budget provides funding to implement our school development plan

  • School fees and why they are necessary

2. Participate

  • Participate in our virtual School Council meeting on February 23 to learn more about school planning. There will be an opportunity to provide feedback at this meeting.

  • Share your perspectives through an online survey open from February 23 to March 9.

Here is the link to survey: School Planning Survey

It is also posted on our school website: School Website School Website Planning Survey

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