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Heartfelt Thank You!!!

The biggest of "Thank Yous" to our parent volunteers who were able to help with the courtyard clean up over the last month. You have all made an impact on the outdoor learning space for our children! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We were able to clean out a total of five garden beds from suckers and weeds, as well as remove leaf litter from the entire courtyard. I lost count on how many bags we collected, but if I was to guess, we are definitely close to 60 bags of organic material. That is a significant amount of work that everyone contributed to!

We absolutely understand that the request for volunteers did not provide parents with a lot of time to manage schedules to facilitate this volunteer opportunity. Further, given the Covid-19 related gathering restrictions, we also understand that the need to find childcare was a barrier to parent participation. We will learn from this, and do our best to ensure that all parents have the opportunity to volunteer in the future (should they wish to do so).

See you in the spring!

Katie McCurdy

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